March 23rd, 2013 – Ethiopian Adventure in My Kitchen

I fell in LOVE with ethiopian food since the first time I tried it with Lauren. I couldn’t believe someone could actually make beans and veggies taste so yummy! Sometimes I even feel like ethiopian food makes me run faster!!! This weekend was my unicorn sister Shama’s birthday, unfortunately I couldn’t be in Hawaii for her. She LOVES ethiopian food too, but Hawaii doesn’t have any. If you ask me what I’d miss the most of Denver when I move home, I’d say the mountains and ethiopian food. Moving around all these years, I learned to adapt and be more adventurous with my taste buds. I no longer have deep cravings for food I can’t have, mostly by getting hooked on other kinds of food I can easily get or recreate. SO I recreate, an ethiopian meal at home!



After creating an xcel spreadsheet of shopping list, I realized there weren’t much spices I needed to get. The main ingredients of ethiopian food are: butter/oil, onion, garlic, turmeric and berbere. There are a lot of ethiopian grocery shops around my house so it wasn’t hard to find them. Total spent on the spices and hard-to-find ethiopian ingredients: $7.

2-1/2 hour later..

2-1/2 hour later..

I made 5 dishes: Misir Wat (Lentil), Gomen (Collard Greens), Fosalia (Green Beans), Atkilt (Cabbage) and Shiro Wat (Chickpea). They taste just like the restaurant kind!!! The cooking was not hard but with so many dishes all together it was a bit stressful to figure out which one to start and multitask with multiple pots on the stove. I burned the collard greens a bit.

I got all my recipes from: Next time I’ll cut down the oil a little, but overall the recipes were pretty easy to follow. I didn’t make the Injera, it was $6 for a bag of 10 at the store!

Vegetarian Combo

Vegetarian Combo

I can now confidently say that I’m ready to host Ethiopian party at home for my unicorn sisters when I move back! YAY!


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3 Comments on “March 23rd, 2013 – Ethiopian Adventure in My Kitchen”

  1. Damn May, you’re getting so good at cooking. I’ve never had Ethiopian food. I’m worried about my pickiness.

  2. Kimi says:

    I can’t wait to try!!!! Yay! Miss you May!

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