January 27th, 2013 – A Taste of Trail Running

Since living in the Rocky Mountains, I have yet to do some REAL running – in the wild. Daylight savings and the cold have been preventing me from stepping outdoors before and after work during the week and weekends are always too short! Colorado is famous for its diverse and beautiful year-round trails whether it’s hiking, biking, running, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding or just walking and wondering. As much as I miss the ocean, the mountains always remind me how lucky I am to be exploring new places every weekend. I think it was maybe a couple weeks before the Honolulu Marathon last year I got hooked on running. I was itching to run my old routines – couple times a week early 5am runs and Saturday/Sunday runs. Funny thing though I used to run for the runner’s high only, but now I actually truly enjoy running – wow I never expected to say this!! Since coming back from Hawaii last week, Denver winter had been really nice to me. Warm and sunny sure help lessen the homesickness I experienced every time post leaving the islands. This past weekend, temperature quietly climbed up to the 50s and YES I took advantage of that. I loaded my weekend up with hiking, snowboarding and trail running!

This is another meet-up group I joined for running and they organized a great 6-mile run on Sunday in Lakewood – right on my way to snowboarding. The description for Green Mountain Trail sounded beginner friendly: 6 miles, 12-13 min/mi pace, mostly smooth and not very technical. Psh, after the marathon, a 6-miler at that pace is considered short and casual in my book. NOPE, not when you gain 900 ft! It was slightly hard on the legs especially after Saturday’s spin & Manitou sessions. Overall a great run, it took us 1-1/2 hour, we ran to the two peaks overlooking East (the city) and West (the mountains).

Storm Above Denver

Storm Above Denver

Super Rocky Rocky Mountain

West of Morrison - Where the Snow is

West of Morrison – Where the Snow is

I LOVE SCENIC RUNS! This is the best way to explore ever, with running! Can’t wait for this weekend (another warm one YAY) to come so I can explore more beautiful trails and get in more runs! The natives say this is not the end of the winter yet, but fingers crossed for cold days during the week and warm days on the weekends. Thank you mother nature!!!

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